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Members of our team are multilingual and combine years of experience in consulting, accounting, tax, international trade, recruitment and more. Our cultural and professional diversity gives us the flexibility and knowledge required to understand clients' needs and offer integrated service packages. Linking our understanding and knowledge of local markets with clients’ expectations is the major principle for success. We operate in:

The Czech Republic

Welcome to a stable business setting that engages a safe investment environment, favorable labor costs and skilled and well-educated workforce, all from a strategic Central European location. The capital city Prague is not only marvelous to look at, but also offers high quality of life for price lower than in other major European cities. The Czech Republic is more than suitable to grow or strengthen certain areas of your business due to overall reasonably priced operations and service environment.



Welcome to a small but vibrant country also referred to as the Tatra Tiger, a reference to the spectacular High Tatra mountains and its dynamic economy. Slovakia enjoys a prime location in the heart of Europe, which makes it a strategic place for business. Its major advantages lie in its access to the EU-wide market, simple taxation system (0% dividend tax), the availability of highly skilled and educated labor force, high labor productivity, flexible Labor Code and investment incentives. Since 2009, Slovakia uses the euro currency.


The Netherlands

The Netherlands has been a major player in European economy for centuries. Most importantly it is globally recognized as a prime location for international business operations mainly due to its favorable taxation climate. Open to global commerce, the Netherlands has benefited from a high degree of regulatory efficiency that facilitates entrepreneurial activity in combination with the judicial system that protect your property rights.


Are you interested to discover business opportunities in a country of your choice? Miralip International has worldwide network of the best and most reliable service providers.

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